Black Swimming Pools Are The New Trend

Black Swimming Pool with mosaic tile Lisa by Ezarri.

Black swimming pools are the new trend. Who would think? As new modern or more contemporary-looking pools are under construction, we see an increase in the search for black pool tiles. More than ever, homeowners and new buyers are adopting the unique look and elegance for their pools.  The black pool tile is starting to become a trendy […]

Infuse Caribbean Beauty Into Your Pool Design

Caribbean beach and its inspiring blue ocean.

It is pure magic to combine the white of the mosaic tile with the sun’s rays refracted by the water. This effect creates a stunning, clear blue color in the water as if you brought the Caribbean to your home in Canada or the USA.White mosaic tiles carry exceptional beauty and, by no accident, it […]

Iridescent Tiles The New Trend for Pools

Iridescent tile for swimming pool

Iridescent Tiles Iridescent glass tiles offer a unique shimmering reflection that adds beauty and drama to any surface. The glass has an opal rainbow appearance and has been used for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians used glass to make wine glasses, jugs, and flasks. Wondering how iridescent glass gets its opalized shimmer? […]

Swimming Pool Water Colour x Tile Colour

This is a common question for anyone who is in the process of selecting a glass mosaic tile for their swimming pool. What colour mosaic will give me the desired colour of water? The first thing to understand is that the water´s colour is not going to be determined solely by the colour of the […]

How to Measure And Calculate Your Pool Size

Using the following principles, you can easily measure and calculate your pool size and how many tiles you will need to order. You’ll need a few simple tools to get the most accurate pool measurements: A measuring tape – could be digital or laser. Pen and paper to write down the measurements. A calculator. How […]