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Making an Informed Tile Purchase

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our homes or commercial spaces, choosing the right tiles is crucial. However, with numerous options available, it can be challenging to make a confident decision based solely on online images or descriptions. To mitigate the risk of dissatisfaction and ensure complete satisfaction, we strongly advocate for ordering samples before purchasing our tiles. This approach allows customers to evaluate various factors and make an informed decision. In the following article, we will explore the numerous benefits of ordering samples and how they enhance the overall tile-buying experience.

Visual Assessment

The appearance of tiles can vary significantly in person compared to online images. By ordering samples, customers can witness the true colors, textures, and patterns firsthand. This hands-on experience enables them to assess how the tiles will harmonize with existing décor, lighting conditions, and overall design schemes. Seeing and touching the tiles before making a purchase eliminates the guesswork and ensures that customers are satisfied with their choice.

Material Quality and Durability

Quality is paramount when it comes to tiles. Ordering samples allows customers to assess the material’s quality, weight, and overall durability. It provides an opportunity to examine the finish, gauge the thickness, and determine if the tiles meet the desired standards for the intended application. By physically handling the samples, customers can make a more informed judgment about the product’s longevity and suitability for their specific needs.

Compatibility Testing

Tiles often need to complement existing elements in a space, such as the deck surface, the swimming pool coping or even the house exterior finishes. By ordering samples, customers can compare the colors and textures of the tiles with their existing materials. This compatibility testing ensures a cohesive and visually appealing result, preventing any regrets or mismatches. It’s an invaluable step in achieving a well-coordinated design aesthetic.

Lighting and Environmental Factors

Lighting plays a crucial role in how tiles appear. Natural light, artificial lighting, and even the time of day can influence their visual characteristics. By ordering samples, customers can observe how the tiles interact with different lighting conditions within their space. This knowledge helps them determine whether the tiles will achieve the desired effect, whether it be a warm ambiance, a reflective surface, or a subdued tone. Additionally, samples allow customers to evaluate the tiles’ response to environmental factors like humidity, heat, or moisture, ensuring their suitability for specific areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. 

Cost-Effectiveness and Avoiding Disappointment

Ordering samples before committing to a large purchase is a cost-effective strategy. It eliminates the risk of investing in a significant quantity of tiles that may not meet expectations. By having the opportunity to assess the product in person, customers can confidently make decisions, avoiding potential disappointment and costly returns. The relatively small investment in samples pales in comparison to the potential savings and satisfaction gained by making an informed choice.

Grout Color Impact on The Final Result

One more thing to take into consideration is the impact of grout color on the overall result. While the focus is often on selecting the perfect pool tiles, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of grout color. The color of the grout can significantly influence the final aesthetic of your pool. It can either enhance or detract from the tile’s appearance, creating a subtle or bold contrast. Explore how different grout colors interact with your chosen tiles, ensuring that you achieve the desired visual effect. By considering the grout color in conjunction with your chosen tile, you can make a well-informed decision that enhances the overall beauty and cohesiveness of your pool design.


Ordering samples before purchasing tiles is an essential step in the tile-buying process. It empowers customers to make informed decisions by allowing them to assess visual appeal, material quality, compatibility, lighting effects, and environmental factors. By investing in samples, customers can ensure a satisfying and successful tile installation, eliminating regrets and costly mistakes, here is a link of our Return Policy. At PoolTile.ca, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and we believe that offering samples is a crucial aspect of providing an exceptional tile-buying experience.