How to Install Pool Tiles on Steel Pools

What’s the best way to ruin your new pool? Install it improperly and end up with a leak or two, that’s how! 

To avoid this, we use an innovative system for installing pool tiles on steel pools. By following this method, homeowners can rest assured that their new pool will be watertight.

Plus, with our gorgeous glass mosaic tiles installed on top, the pool is more durable than a typical PVC liner and far more aesthetically pleasing. 


Pool tile installation on steel pools

Step 1: Waterproof the Walls

Begin by installing a self-adhesive sheet on the steel walls. This is the first step in sealing the basin and making it watertight.

Step 2: Seal the Walls

After laying the self-adhesive sheets, It’s time to seal the joints between them with waterproof tape. The correct adhesive must be used to ensure a proper seal.

Step 3: Waterproof the Floor

Next comes waterproofing the floor. Installers will go back to the self-adhesive sheets and lay them over the concrete slab at the bottom of the pool. 

To help ensure water tightness, the sheets should be overlapped by about 5 cm. Using the same adhesive as was used in the previous step, these overlaps must be sealed uptight.

Step 4: Waterproof the Gap Between the Walls and Floor

With the same waterproof tape, installers will carefully cover the junction between the walls and the floor. This tape must also be sealed with waterproof adhesive. 

Step 5: Seal the Pool Accessories

With a special putty, installers will seal off all the accessories. This includes lights, impellers, etc. 

Step 6: Install the Pool Tiles

Once everything has been thoroughly waterproofed, the fun begins! Installers will lay your beautiful glass mosaic swimming pool tile with the recommended adhesive and grout. 

All the procedures are recommended by the manufacturer Ezarri.