Guide to Cutting Glass Mosaic Tiles: Advanced Tools and Techniques

As a professional in the tiling industry, you know the importance of precision when cutting mosaic tiles. Ezarri mosaic, in particular, requires specialized tools and techniques to achieve the perfect cut. In this advanced guide, we will look closer at the tools and techniques recommended for professionals to cut Ezarri mosaics with precision.

Tools for Cutting Ezarri Mosaic

To cut Ezarri mosaic like a pro, you must use advanced tools such as a diamond cutting disc ∅115mm – ref. MTEN 3 or a grinding disc – ref. H009 with a grinder. For the electric cutter, a diamond disc for hard material is highly recommended to achieve the desired result.

Techniques for Cutting Ezarri Mosaic

The key to achieving a perfect cut on Ezarri mosaic is precision. To cut the mosaic with precision, start by marking the area to be cut and fitting the appropriate disc on the tool. It is essential to grind the mosaic from the side and not from above when using the grinder. For roughing down the mosaic, fit the grinding disc, ref. H009, on the grinder, and grind the pieces until the desired result is achieved.

Cutting Special Pieces

To cut corner and cove pieces, it is recommended to pare them rather than cut them. Use the same grinding disc, ref. H009, to mark the area that must be removed from the mosaic/special piece and support the grinder against the table to pare the pieces to the desired shape.


As a professional, cutting Ezarri mosaic precisely is crucial to creating beautiful tile installations. Using the advanced tools and techniques outlined in this guide, you can achieve the perfect cut every time. Remember to prioritize safety and use the appropriate protective gear when using the grinder or electric cutter. With these tips, you can cut glass mosaic tiles like a true professional.