Custom Mosaics

Swimming pool design has come a long way in the last twenty or thirty years. We’ve realized that function and form can and should coexist, and the results are spectacular. 

Perhaps one of the most decorative evolutions in swimming pools actually has its roots in the ancient world. Mosaic tiles were favored by Romans and Greeks thousands of years ago, and they’re all over pools today. This fact shows how timeless and desirable mosaics have always been.

When the Romans were laying mosaic tiles, it was a thorough, one-piece at a time process with hand-colored tiles. But, of course, we’ve advanced a lot since then, and there are many fantastic commercial mosaic tile products at you can choose from. In addition, our tiles have a patented system called JointPoint, which is the best technology on the market that will save you critical time on the installation process.

Mosaic tiles are dated to thousand of years and were favored by the Romans.
At the Hearst Castle the tile pattern for the pool was inspired by mosaics found in the 5th Century at the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia.

But, we won’t stop there! Besides having many excellent glass mosaic tile options in our collections, we offer a few custom options you may want to explore. For example, you can choose to create a unique blend of mosaics to cover the entire pool surface, design unique details for specific areas or add images to your pool design. The three custom options that will add flair to your pool are:

Your Original Mix, Designs or Images on Glass Mosaic Tiles

Custom mix. Our color mix option allows you to choose the shades you want to be included in your tile sheets and get them produced to your specifications. It’s perfect if you didn’t find the ideal mix of tiles in our existing catalog. If you’d like to play with a unique blend for your pool, please use the tool developed by our supplier Ezarri and submit your specifications to


The mix generator for mosaic tiles by Ezarri allows you to create your signature mosaic tile.
The mix generator for mosaic tiles by Ezarri allows you to create your signature mosaic tile.


Custom printed mosaics. This technology allows you to print onto the mosaic sheets. As a result, more detailed images can be used, giving you almost endless design options by creating a crisp, precise design that even the Romans would have been proud to lay. Send us an image you want to use on your mosaic to

Custom printed mosaic tiles by Ezarri.
Custom printed mosaics for feature walls enables creative results commercial and residential applications.


Custom pixel mosaic. This style resembles the original idea of mosaic art. The images are translated into a pixelated design, which is then recreated with colored glass mosaic tiles, with each tile being a “pixel” in the design. You can can achieve the next level in creativity by coming up with beautiful large patterns for great visual impact.

Custom pixels style swimming pool tiles by Ezarri.
Custom pixels print style swimming pool by Ezarri mosaics.

Our custom mosaic tiles take the decorative aspect of the design of many pools worldwide to the next level. You can opt for something classic and understated, or you could go for something modern, unique, and bold. Use a muted, elegant combination of colors, or transform any image you can imagine into pool tile. 

Unique Commercial and Residential Pools Use Custom Mosaics

Custom mosaic tile design is a fantastic addition to commercial or residential pool designs. 

Many commercial clients choose to use printed or pixel mosaic to add their logo to their pool design, and if you’re designing new pools for a chain of resorts or spas, it’s a fantastic way to tie them all together. 

Ushuaia hotel in Ibiza uses custom mosaics by Ezarri to make a statement.
Ushuaia hotel in Ibiza uses custom mosaics by Ezarri to make a statement.

Residential customers often choose glass mosaic tile and custom color combinations to add some personality to their pool because there’s nothing like having your own mosaic tile color combination to transform an everyday pool into a piece of art. 

Where Else Can Custom Mosaics Be Installed?

The tiles you’ll find at are made for use in wet environments. For this reason, they are an excellent material to be used in areas other than swimming pools. 

You can install mosaic tiles in spas and custom-built hot tubs or transform your Bathroom. It’s also great as Kitchen Backsplash, the back wall of a water feature, or you can use it as the floor and walls of an outdoor shower at your dream beach home, building exteriors walls, etc.  

Our glass mosaic tiles are durable and hardwearing and, they will look great and resist discoloring for many years. Just make sure that they are installed correctly, using the appropriate tile adhesive and grout.

Building facade with glass mosaic tiles by Ezarri.
Building facade with glass mosaic tiles by Ezarri.

Why Choose Glass Mosaic Tiles for Your Pool?

Whether you add a brand logo to the center of your swimming pool or go for a full, show-stopping custom mosaic tile for the walls or floors, the mosaic will enhance your pool design. It’s not by accident that glass mosaic tiles are growing in popularity inside homes and out. They’re stunning and come in fantastic, vibrant colors, making them perfect for your project.

  • The mosaic tiles come in sheets, which are quicker and easier to install than small individual tiles.
  • There are a considerable number of stunning colors and combinations available for fantastic results.
  • The mosaic sheets are easier to install on curved surfaces, excellent for many pools’ modern, organic shapes.
  • Our JointPoint system will save you installation time.
  • You can make it original with custom mosaics.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

The truth is, if you are investing in a show-stopping pool, it’s worth looking past the shape and structure of the pool and adding a little design flair. Custom mosaic tile will remain a great way to do that, and you’ve never had more options. 

The Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is using custom mosaic tiles by Ezarri.
The Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife Is Using Custom Mosaics by Ezarri.

Bring to life your most original design ideas. It’s as simple as sending us the images you want to customize and we’ll transfer your vision onto mosaics.