Elevate Your Pool Tile Projects with Essential Tools

When it comes to achieving stunning pool tile installations, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial. 


Discover the Versatile Tools: SCOTCH-BRITE SCUFF PADS

Revamp your tile projects with Scotch-Brite Scuff Pads! These handy tools excel in prepping, finishing, and light cleaning of glass mosaic tiles. Crafted for glass mosaic surfaces, they won’t leave a scratch and come in a crisp white color. What’s more, they’re easy to rinse, won’t rust, and are reusable.

Lay Tiles Like a Pro with the 6MM TROWEL TOOLS

Meet the Professional Square Notch Trowel, your go-to tools for laying glass mosaic tiles. Spread adhesive effortlessly with this durable stainless steel blade and high-impact handle combo. Its notch style allows for precise adhesive application, making it perfect for mosaic tiles. Get ready for an efficient tile installation!

Perfect Your Grouting with the EPOXY GROUT FLOAT TOOLS

Say goodbye to grout troubles with our Epoxy Grout Float. Designed for your pool tiling project, it boasts a comfortable handle for easy epoxy grout application. The green rubber pad’s beveled and straight edges provide maximum coverage and prevent grout buildup. Say hello to seamless grouting!


Introducing the heavy-duty chrome-plated steel Mixing Paddle! This indispensable tools fits Litokol Starlike grout and adhesive buckets for a hassle-free mixing experience. Its robust construction, along with a convenient plastic hanger, ensures easy use and storage. Make your mixing tasks a breeze!

Elevate Your Cleaning Game with the SUPERPRO SPONGE TOOLS

The Superpro Sweepex Sponge is your ultimate cleaning companion. Crafted from flexible polyurethane, it boasts high absorption and exceptional resistance to abrasion. Ideal for professional tiling installations, this sponge features an open-cell design that releases grout, soaps, and chemicals effortlessly, preventing buildup. Get ready for top-notch cleaning performance!