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Glass Tiles for Bathrooms

The tile you choose is one of the most important elements when designing or remodeling your bathroom, shower, or spa. The right glass tiles for bathrooms can really offer a fantastic feel that impacts your overall design and style, reflecting your personality. 

There are many tiles to choose from now on the market including marble tiles, porcelain, vinyl, ceramic tiles, and our preferred choice: glass mosaic tiles. 

What are the benefits of using glass tile in your bathroom or spa? Here’s a look.   

Beautiful Floor and Wall Feature

Glass tiles for bathrooms are actually made from tiny pieces. These are combined with a translucent glaze that’s fired onto the back of each individual tile, creating a glittering look. A glass tile bathroom floor or a glass tile wall can be made with individually sold tiles, or more often, can come as a pre-designed glass mosaic as we sell. These are attached to a dot backing, our Joint Point System. 

One of the great benefits of glass tiles is that they really play with the light. Unlike opaque ceramic tiles, glass lets the light shine through and bounce, creating a warm, shimmering look. 

Offering a sleek approach to tiles in your shower or spa, glass tiles can appear more consistent than ceramic and other tiles. They are not handmade, and while this may reduce their authentic appeal, it actually works in your favor. If you want to avoid variations in size and other irregularities on your bathroom walls, glass tiles are your friend. 

Very Easy to Clean

You may have seen bathrooms with tile that’s stained, or altered in color in a way it’s not supposed to be. Some of this discoloration can happen with tiles made of materials that aren’t 100% waterproof. Unfortunately, these stains can be difficult to clean. It may come as a surprise but ceramic tiles actually have an absorbency rate of 0.5% to 3%. It sounds like a tiny bit but it can actually make a difference. 

In contrast, glass tiles are proven to be impervious to water and have an absorbency rate of 0%. Because of this, cleaning glass spa tiles is ultra-easy. Wash away the dirt and grime with an all-purpose cleaner. You can even use a glass cleaner to take away any smudges. This type of tile won’t stain and is very hygienic. As such, glass tile offers one of the lowest maintenance options when it comes to glass tile flooring and glass tile for your walls. 

Glass Mosaics for Bathrooms and Wet Areas

At, we focus on bringing you high-quality products from Spain, with a specific concentration on glass mosaic tiles. Naturally, we think this is the best option! 

Our glass tiles for bathrooms give you a contemporary feel with a sophisticated look. Our eight separate collections from Zen to Cocktail, to Vulcano are perfect for enhancing your space. Add light and textured color in a unique way that other tile features don’t. Whether you want the look of shimmering, sky-blue water, or a twinkling night sky, we have it. 

Spa Applications Will Shine with Glass Tiles

Finally, there’s always a solution to suit your situation. Glass tiles on floors and glass tiles for bathroom walls can be the ideal addition to your home spa. If designing the whole space, including the shower and tub walls and your bathroom floor in glass mosaic materials isn’t in your budget, however, you might consider creating a glass tile accent. 

This can be done by covering a shower niche with a contrasting glass tile or adding a floor-to-ceiling tile strip of color in your shower. It’s a simple yet effective way of creating an artistic accent with impact using our glass tiles for bathrooms. 

Our aim is to make selecting and purchasing your glass mosaic tile a seamless experience. Contact us now and start your journey towards a beautiful purchase! 

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