How to Install Mosaic Tiles on Polyester Pools

Mosaic tiles are among the popular pool tiling options used in polyester pools. They add a touch of glamor and durability to the standard polyester finish and are great to accommodate the different contours of the pool. Find out the steps to install mosaic tiles on a polyester pool.

1. Prepare the Surface

Begin by sanding the entire surface of a dry polyester pool. Sanding gives a nice finish by removing any imperfections and, at the same time, adds a touch of adhesion by developing
small rough ridges.

2. Clean the Surface With Acetone

Cleaning with acetone removes dust and other debris left out after the sanding process.

3. Choose an Adhesive

When tiling pools, recommends you to follow the manufacture’s instructions by using polyurethane adhesive for better results.

4. Spread the Adhesive

Use a 3 mm notched trowel to spread the adhesive on the pool’s surface. Spread the adhesive
in small portions (quadrants) to prevent it from drying up.

5. Install the Mosaic Tiles

Now take the mosaic tiles out of the box carefully place them in the first quadrant. You can start from one of the far sides of the pool. Ensure the tile’s edges are against the edge of the wall before laying
them flat on the floor. You can use a rubber float to press the tiles on the pool’s surface to achieve a neatly arranged mosaic tile sheets.

6. Apply the Epoxy Grout

Before applying grout, allow the adhesive to dry. Read the adhesive’s packaging for clear usage instructions.
When applying grout, Ezarri recommends using epoxy grout classified as RG because it’s waterproof and almost entirely resistant to stains, making it ideal for use in polyester pools.

7. Final Touches

Wait for 24 hours before cleaning the pool. Use a sponge float with fresh water to clean the tiles. Allow your pool to settle for at least two days before filing it with water.
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