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Iridescent Tiles The New Trend for Pools

Iridescent tile for swimming pool

Iridescent Tiles Iridescent glass tiles offer a unique shimmering reflection that adds beauty and drama to any surface. The glass has an opal rainbow appearance and has been used for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians used glass to make wine glasses, jugs, and flasks. Wondering how iridescent glass gets its opalized shimmer? […]

How to Measure And Calculate Your Pool Size

Using the following principles, you can easily measure and calculate your pool size and how many tiles you will need to order. You’ll need a few simple tools to get the most accurate pool measurements: A measuring tape – could be digital or laser. Pen and paper to write down the measurements. A calculator. How […]

How To Install Glass Mosaic Tiles

How to install mosaic tiles

For optimal mosaic installation, recommends that you follow the steps described by the manufacturer and that is described in this installation tutorial.   INSTALLATION STEPS PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE The surface should be smooth and free of imperfections. It must be clean, stable, and have a degree of humidity of less than 3%. CHOICE […]

Know The Best Glass Mosaic Tile Technology Today

Learn about the JointPoint® System and why you need it to guarantee the longevity of your pool tile installation. Know the best glass mosaic tile technology today. Find out about the innovative new paneling system designed by Ezarri.   WHAT IS EZARRI’S JOINTPOINT® SYSTEM? This is a technologically advanced system designed solely by Ezarri that […]