Barcelona’s Skyline Oasis: Ezarri’s Iberostar Rooftop Pool

Barcelona's Skyline Oasis: Ezarri's Iberostar Rooftop Pool

A Glimpse into Luxury: Ezarri’s Rooftop Pool Overlooking Barcelona’s Iconic Sights

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona’s prestigious Paseo de Gracia, Iberostar’s rooftop pool adorned with Ezarri’s mesmerizing mosaic offers a luxurious escape above the bustling city.

Barcelona's Skyline Oasis: Ezarri's Iberostar Rooftop Pool

Crafting Beauty and Safety: Ezarri’s Pool Mosaic Solution for Iberostar’s Barcelona Oasis

Ezarri, a leading expert in glass mosaic craftsmanship, has once again demonstrated its prowess in enhancing architectural masterpieces. At Iberostar’s Barcelona location, Ezarri was entrusted with the task of renovating and embellishing the rooftop pool area, overlooking the iconic sights of the Catalan capital.

The project aimed to enhance the pool’s appearance while prioritizing guest safety and comfort. Ezarri’s team meticulously designed and installed a stunning mosaic using their innovative Safe Steps non-slip system. This system, integrated seamlessly into the mosaic, provides a smooth surface that enhances safety without compromising on elegance.

Barcelona's Skyline Oasis: Ezarri's Iberostar Rooftop Pool

A Symphony of Colors: Ezarri’s Green Pearl Mosaic Illuminating Barcelona’s Skyline

The pièce de résistance of the renovation project is undoubtedly Ezarri’s mosaic from their renowned Iris collection.This captivating mosaic, known for its iridescent effect, creates a mesmerizing play of colors. These colors harmonize beautifully with the ever-changing hues of the Barcelona sky. Guests, as they relax by the pool, are treated to a visual spectacle. They find themselves surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city below.


Elevating Elegance: Ezarri’s Safe Steps Non-Slip System Redefines Pool Safety

Safety is paramount in any pool area, especially one situated on a rooftop with panoramic views. Ezarri’s Safe Steps non-slip system not only ensures the safety of guests but also adds to the overall elegance of the pool. Unlike traditional non-slip surfaces that can feel abrasive, Safe Steps provides a smooth and comfortable surface, making it a joy to walk on barefoot.

Tranquility Above the City: Ezarri’s Rooftop Pool Oasis Offers a Serene Escape

In the heart of Barcelona’s bustling city, Iberostar’s rooftop pool stands out as a peaceful haven. Guests can escape from the busy streets and relax in a calm environment. Surrounded by Ezarri’s beautiful mosaic art, the pool area feels elegant and sophisticated. Whether soaking up the sun or taking a refreshing swim, every moment at this rooftop getaway offers a luxurious experience and a chance to make lasting memories.

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