Ezarri’s Serpentin Building Renovation

Ezarri's Serpentin Building Renovation

Serpentin Building’s Monumental Renovation: A Testament to Ezarri’s Excellence in Paris

The Serpentin Building, situated in the Courtillières district of Pantin, just a stone’s throw away from Paris, is presently undergoing a remarkable transformation. Leading the charge in this renovation is Ezarri, a specialist renowned for its expertise in crafting glass mosaics. With the provision of 20,000 m² of various mosaic color ranges, Ezarri is orchestrating a breathtaking fade-out effect on this iconic structure.

A 14-Year Journey: The Epic Transformation of Serpentin Building

Stretching over 2 kilometers, this massive façade has been undergoing renovation in different stages since the beginning of the century. With an expected completion in 2014, this huge project started 14 years ago, highlighting its size and complexity.


A Tale of Renewal and Preservation: The Legacy of Serpentin Building

Conceived by architect Émile Aillaud in the 1950s as part of Pantin’s urban development, the Serpentin Building stands as a testament to architectural heritage. Housing 630 apartments across two buildings encircling a four-hectare park, it ranks as Europe’s second-largest building and a 20th-century landmark.

Ezarri's Serpentin Building Renovation

A Visionary Revitalization Project in Paris

The renovation of the Serpentin Building extends far beyond mere aesthetics. It symbolizes a deep commitment to enhancing the quality of life for the local community. This initiative is proactively supported by both the Pantin Town Hall and the Public Housing Office. They aim to introduce top-notch social accommodations while simultaneously ensuring the preservation of the original structure’s architectural integrity.

Reshaping Pantin’s Urban Fabric: Ezarri’s Role in Serpentin Building’s Renovation

Ezarri plays a crucial role in this renovation effort. They supply mosaics that not only enhance the façade’s visual appeal but also enrich the community’s cultural landscape. Supported by the RVA Architecture Office and construction firm GTM Bâtiment, this project epitomizes dedication to excellence and quality in Paris.

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