Luxury in Costa Rica: Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri

Luxury in Costa Rica: Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri


Hacienda Altagracia, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Costa Rica, stands as a testament to luxury and elegance in the hospitality industry. Partnering with Ezarri, a leading provider of glass mosaic tiles, this five-star hotel offers an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking a blend of opulence and natural beauty.

Luxury in Costa Rica: Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri

Recognition and Prestige

Since its inception five years ago, Hacienda Altagracia has consistently garnered acclaim, not only as the premier resort in Central America but also as one of the world’s top 100 resorts, as recognized by Travel + Leisure magazine. This prestigious status owes much to the collaborative efforts between Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri.

Luxury in Costa Rica: Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri

The Aquatic Oasis: Outdoor Infinity Pool

The centerpiece of relaxation at Hacienda Altagracia is its outdoor infinity pool, adorned with Ezarri’s exquisite glass mosaic tiles. Offering panoramic views of the verdant surroundings, this oasis of tranquility beckons guests to unwind and indulge in the serenity of their surroundings. The pool, surfaced with Ezarri’s 2501-B mosaic from the Niebla collection, captivates with its hazy colors, perfectly complementing the natural environment.


  • Spectacular views day and night
  • Two outdoor jacuzzis for added luxury
  • Mosaic surfacing with Ezarri’s 2501-B from the Niebla collection

Elegance in Every Detail: Indoor Spa

Enter the biggest indoor spa in Central America at Hacienda Altagracia, where everything feels luxurious and fancy. With saunas, steam rooms, massage parlors, and a beautiful indoor swimming pool decorated with Ezarri’s Iridescent collection mosaic, you’ll find peace and relaxation in every corner.

Bespoke Mosaic Blend:

Luxury in Costa Rica: Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri

Destination Paradise: Hacienda Altagracia

Nestled in Costa Rica’s southern region, Hacienda Altagracia awaits discovery as a hidden gem, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes. Guests are spoiled with fifty individual huts, a sprawling spa, multiple swimming pools, and exquisite dining options. An impressive equestrian center adds to the allure. Meticulously crafted pool areas by Ezarri elevate the experience.

Embark on a journey of luxury and relaxation at Hacienda Altagracia, where unforgettable moments await in this Costa Rica luxury destination.

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