Ezarri Mosaic Tile at Savoy Palace Hotel: Transforming Luxury

Ezarri’s Expertise in Pool Tiling

Ezarri tiled the pools at Savoy Palace Hotel in Funchal, Madeira Islands. The hotel boasts sixteen floors of comfort, luxury, and relaxation. Guests enjoy a lavish wellness area, diverse dining, and luxurious swimming pools. Ezarri’s craftsmanship adorned the pools with vibrant colors and stunning beauty.

Ezarri Mosaic Tile at Savoy Palace Hotel: Transforming Luxury

Savoy Palace Hotel: A Five-Star Oasis

The Savoy Palace stands as a beacon of luxury with its five-star rating and five hundred rooms. It welcomes guests into a world of opulence, surrounded by innovative and contemporary gardens – a hallmark of Ezarri’s design philosophy – making it the natural choice for this grand project.

Ezarri Mosaic Tile at Savoy Palace Hotel: Transforming Luxury

Customized Mosaics for Varied Pools

The Savoy Palace in Funchal boasts an array of swimming pools:

  1. The main pool, complete with a children’s wading area, sits at sea level.
  2. An infinity pool, known as the Skypool, graces the seventeenth floor.
  3. The VIP Lounge Pool, a jewel on another terrace, adds to the allure.
  4. The Wellness and Spa area, situated on the lower floor, offers serenity.
  5. Numerous private pools, including those in the premium rooms, offer exclusivity. Notable among them are the two rooftop Presidential Suites.

Ezarri utilized custom combinations and designs, totaling 1,350 square meters, for these pools. Furthermore, over 360 square meters of Custom Printed Mosaic adorn the indoor wellness pool and waterfall. To add a personalized touch, Custom Printed Mosaics depicting a moon for the Skypool and a majestic jacaranda tree for the VIP Lounge Pool were installed on the hotel’s rooftop.

Ezarri’s Diverse Product Range

Furthermore, in addition to the customized mosaics, the Savoy Palace Hotel in Funchal now features other Ezarri products, including Lava, Oxido, and Esmeralda from the Metal collection. This addition adds a lustrous metallic sheen to the ambiance.

Enhancing Luxury with Ezarri

Ezarri’s contribution to the Savoy Palace Hotel in Funchal has elevated its status as a wellness haven. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world of luxury, comfort, and relaxation, where every corner reflects Ezarri’s commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship.

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