Luxury at Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon – France

Luxury at Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon - France with Ezarri Tile

Luxury at Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon – France

Ezarri, known for its impeccable craftsmanship, has adorned a boutique French hotel’s pool. With unparalleled adaptability, Ezarri leaves its mark worldwide, from Dubai’s beaches to the Caribbean and now France’s Arcachon Bay.

A Haven of Warmth: Exploring Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon

Upon entering Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon, guests feel enveloped in a familial ambiance. Since its 2009 opening, this cherished hotel has provided a haven for those seeking the comforts of home. Situated in Arcachon, Nouvelle Aquitaine, this coastal resort area is renowned for its oysters, with each district named after a season.

xperience Ezarri's luxury touch at Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon in France.

Historical Gem: Tracing the Origins of Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon

Originally a 19th-century water storage facility, the building now stands as a testament to history and elegance. Nestled in the Ville d´Hiver, or winter district, the hotel steeped in the legacy of writers, painters, and artists who once called it home.
Luxury at Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon - France with Ezarri Tile

Unveiling the Enigmatic Tiled Pool

Hidden within the former water tank lies the hotel’s tiled pool, a sanctuary of tranquility shielded from onlookers and noise. Guests unwind in “strandkorbs,” traditional hooded wicker chairs reminiscent of northern European seaside resorts.

Ezarri’s Signature: The Ebano Tiles

Ezarri’s choice of Ebano tiles from the Iridescent Collection enhances the pool’s allure. With its iridescent black hue, the Ebano mosaic exudes a sense of relaxation and well-being, perfectly complementing the pool’s original design.

A Symphony of Senses: Experiencing the Pool

The iridescent black tone adds a refreshing depth, harmonizing with the water tank’s architecture. Guests are invited to indulge in a sensory journey, where every dip in the pool becomes an experience to cherish.

Conclusion: Immersed in Luxury

Ezarri’s transformative touch at Hôtel Ville d´Hiver Arcachon elevates luxury to new heights. As guests savor the delights of this enchanting destination, they create memories destined to last a lifetime.

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