Can I Install Pool Tiles Over a Fiberglass Pool?


Can I Install Pool Tiles Over a Fiberglass Pool?

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to install pool tiles over a fiberglass pool. Despite the misconception that this process is complicated, it shares similarities with installing regular tiles. Favorable weather conditions and assistance can expedite the grout fixing process, resulting in quicker work completion. Discover essential tips on pools, tiles, designs, and the procedure for a successful tiling project.

Exploring Different Methods for Installing Pool Tiles Over a Fiberglass Pool

When it comes to installing pool tiles over a fiberglass pool, there are several tiling options to consider. These include waterline tiling, over the lip tiling, and custom tiling throughout the pool. Each method offers its unique advantages, including easy maintenance, enhanced visual appeal, and increased comfort. If you’re unsure which tiling option is best for your fiberglass pool, keep reading for helpful tips and insights.

1. Waterline Tiling

With waterline tiling, one or more rows of the tiles are fixed around the topmost part of the pool. This part is where the waterline will be. This type of tiling has some benefits like.
  • Highlighting the beauty of the pool with visually appealing designs.
  • Easy maintenance of the waterline through simple cleaning of the silicone and tile grout.
  • Multiple color choices available to choose from to match your pool decor and personal style.

2. Over the Lip Tiling

Typically, fiberglass pool includes recesses for the tiles where they pieces fit in them. This type of tiling;
  • No need to wax the open fiberglass lip, saving time and effort in maintenance.
  • The tiles will not tear or snag bath costumes, unlike cantilever cement and bricks, ensuring a comfortable and safe swimming experience.
  • Easy cleaning of the tile and grout, simply requiring a wet rag or sponge, to prevent staining, cracking, or dislodging of the grout.

3. Custom Tiling throughout the Pool

Custom tiling entails working on the entire fiberglass surface to offer a more long-lasting and durable finish. Here is a list to help you with the whole task.
  • A piece of cloth for cleaning
  • Acetone for cleaning
  • Silicone tile adhesive for attaching the tiles
  • Dish soap sponges for cleaning
  • Pool tile sheets that measure 6 by 12 inches
  • Silicone rubber grout for sealing the spaces between the tiles
  • An epoxy rubber grout float for spreading the grout
  • A nylon scrubbing pad for cleaning excess grout
  • A bucket for mixing the grout
  • A helper for the grouting process

How to Install Pool Tiles Over a Fiberglass Pool: A Step-by-Step Guide

By incorporating glass tiles into your pool design, you can transform it into a sparkling and visually appealing oasis. Not only is swimming in a beautiful pool therapeutic, but it can also increase the value of your property. As mentioned earlier, simply repairing pool tiles is not enough to achieve a truly attractive and luxurious pool.

Below is the step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: Prepare the Fiberglass Pool

You must not fix tiles in water. Before installation, empty the pool and completely drain the swimming pool using a piece of rag or a vacuum cleaner to withdraw the extra water.
Have the pool’s edges and the sides fully dried, then sand its bottom and brush all the dust and debris. Clean the surface of the pool using acetone.

Step 2: Take the Measurements of the Tiles

Understanding the number of tiles required and their measurements is essential for a successful project. Normally, glass tiles for fiberglass pool tiling come in sheets joined by wire mesh. That’s why you to calculate the width of the pool at the beginning.
Having a rough approximation of the tiles helps trim the excess. Ensure the tiles are the same size. Cut the irregular tiles by using a wet saw to make them equal.

Step 3: Apply the Adhesive

After preparing your tiles, the next step is to apply the silicone tile adhesive. This is a crucial step that requires your full attention to ensure each tile is securely attached. Using a spatula, spread a thin and even layer of adhesive on the bottom side of each glass tile. Take your time and be patient in making sure the layer is uniform before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Install the Tile

Accessing the pool helps you decide on the most suitable spot to lay the first tile. While installing;
  • Begin by putting the first set of tiles with their edges against the wall before laying them on the floor.
  • Arrange the tiles horizontally and flat on the surface of the pool.
  • Press each tile down firmly to ensure the adhesive sticks to the pool surface.
  • To continue with the next set of tiles, position the edges of the second set against the first glass tile.
  • Carefully lower the second collection of glass tiles onto the pool surface and press down firmly to match the level of the first set.
  • Repeat this process until the entire pool surface is covered with mosaic tiles.

Step 5: Grouting

• You need about an hour for the adhesive to dry up completely.
• Use the caulking gun to apply caulk at the edges. This is the part where the wall meets the tiles. Also, apply the caulk in between the tiles.
Some grout comes as an epoxy mix, meaning you should mix equal parts of epoxy and hardener. For most grouts, they take 3 hours before they dry. You can apply the grout between the tiles with a putty knife.

Step 6: The Final Touches

• Apply detergent or soap on the scrubber, clean the grout, and then rinse off the detergent with fresh water.
• Dry the extra water with a wet vacuum. Wipe the tiles using a sponge soaked in a water vinegar solution.
• Ensure that everything is as expected, and wait for two days to fill the pool with water.



One way to make your pool stand out is to install pool tiles over a fiberglass pool. Although some people may think that this process is complicated due to the unique materials involved, it is similar to installing regular tiles. With the right approach and assistance, you can achieve a successful tiling process that will make your pool a stunning feature of your backyard. So don’t hesitate to explore different design options and stay within a reasonable budget to create the pool of your dreams.

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