Why Choose Epoxy Grout for Your Project?


Why Choose Epoxy Grout for Your Project?

Epoxy grout is a superior product for your pool for many reasons. In this blog we will give you some reasons why to choose epoxy grout for your project.

First, epoxy grout is extremely durable and long-lasting. Unlike traditional cement-based grout, epoxy grout is resistant to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. This means that it will not crack, shrink, or deteriorate over time, even in a constantly wet and chlorine-treated environment like a swimming pool.

Second, epoxy grout is easy to clean and maintain. Traditional grout can be difficult to clean, as it is porous and can easily become discolored or stained. Epoxy grout, on the other hand, is non-porous and does not absorb liquids, making it very easy to clean and maintain. It also does not require any sealing, unlike traditional grout.

Third, epoxy grout is an excellent option for swimming pool tiles. Epoxy grout is flexible and can withstand the constant movement and expansion and contraction of the pool tiles. This means that it will not crack or break, even in the event of an earthquake, freeze-thaw cycles, or other extreme weather conditions.

Fourth, epoxy grout is a great option for swimming pool tiles that are exposed to direct sunlight. Epoxy grout can withstand UV rays and does not fade or yellow. This makes it a great option for swimming pool tiles that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Epoxy Grout for Your Project

You may still be wondering what the hype is all about. You are about to learn everything you
need to know about epoxy grout.

1. The Epoxy Group Is Called Bomb-Proof

While that could feel exaggerated, time has proven that epoxy grout is the strongest. It has a sense of versatility and is robust. That is why it is most recommended when dealing with interiors and exteriors that encounter high traffic daily.
For instance, unlike the bedroom, the living room and the hallway have the most traffic all day in a home setting. In the outdoor space, places like malls, restaurants, and hospitals experience much traffic. Using epoxy grout to install tiles in such areas is the best idea.

2. It Is Nonporous

The fact that epoxy grot is nonporous comes out in most of its notable features. Being nonporous means not allowing air or liquids to pass through it. Since it repels other substances, there is no way stains can attach themselves to it.
That is why it is the most suitable for pool tiles, bathroom tiles, chemicals handling rooms, laboratories, and areas prone to stains like kitchen backsplash and walls. When you use epoxy grout, you will not worry about the substances you handle on your premises.

3. Epoxy Grout Does Not Need Sealer after Application

As compared to cement grout, epoxy grout can solidify faster. Again, you do not need to seal the surfaces because it is resistant to other substances.
All you need to do is ensure that the grout is carefully applied and thorough cleaning takes place; you will get assured that it will serve you for a long time.

4. Epoxy Grout Does Not Discolour

Drops of shampoo are likely to cause discoloration, and no one would want to choose a color for their structure and then see it changing week by week. Many substances people use on tiled surfaces have a discoloration effect. This will not be a problem if you have used epoxy grout.

5. Colour Variation

There are several shades of epoxy grout, and it is not just the good old grey; among the many options of shades are brown and tan. Enjoy the privilege of picking the color of your choice, and while at it, maintain it for a lifetime.

What are The Types of Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout comes in three unique types
  • Spectra LOCK full pro unit
  • Laticrete spectraLOCKpro premium
  • Ceramic Tile Pro Super Grout Additive
At Litokil, we have taken care of all your interior and exterior grouting needs. We have Starlike Evo, a two-component acid-resistant epoxy grout, which applies with joints from 1 and 15 mm wide. Starlike Evo does not contain cement, thus you will not experience efflorescence while using it.
This product is safe to work with as it is non-corrosive and non-hazardous.

Can I Put Epoxy Grout Over Cement Grout?

The answer is yes. Putting epoxy grout over cement grout is possible. All you need to do before that process is dig the cement grout out of the joints until it’s half the depth of the tile. Use a scraper or a grout saw to remove the cement.
That is the appropriate depth in which you should place epoxy grout to adhere to the tile edges and the remaining sanded grout. The overhead installation will require you to leave the epoxy grout in the bucket for a few minutes after mixing it for it to set up. As you do this, you are making the epoxy mixture stiffer and tackier.

Learn More about Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout is a substance used to coat a smoothed and shaped surface. It is an adhesive for porous grouting surfaces like pool tiles and bricks. It combines two different resins with filler, making it waterproof and the most appropriate for harsher cleaning products.
These epoxy grout sets offer a great bond and chemical resistance compared to
cementitious grouts. The best epoxy grout on the market is Laticrete. It is a combination of epoxy, hardener, and sand.
Note that it is pretty challenging to apply epoxy grout since it solidifies within a short time of using it. Therefore, apply it very fast if you go for the option of activating it in bits.
At that point, you can only do two things.
– Activate a chunk of the grout, and divide it so that you remain with the part you areworking with, and refrigerating the rest, or
– Only activate the amount you will be using for a particular section and, when done, activate more
Once done, be quick to clean up the excess grout so that it doesn’t solidify on top of your tiles. To keep the clean-up moving quickly, you need to get help from a partner. Spectra Lock Pro, one of the epoxy grouts, comes with two cleaning packages that contain special chemicals that help clean any extra resin residue on the tile surfaces.
Epoxy grout will serve you because it requires little to no maintenance; furthermore, it lasts longer and does not deteriorate, unlike cement, which you must redo most of the time. Epoxy grout is the way to go. Visit Litokol and Ezarri.

Conclusion About Why Choose Epoxy Grout for Your Project

Finally, epoxy grout is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to match the color of your swimming pool tile. This can help to create a cohesive and polished look to your pool area.

In conclusion, epoxy grout is an excellent option for swimming pools due to its durability, ease of maintenance, flexibility, UV resistance, and variety of colors. It is a great way to ensure that your swimming pool will look great for years to come.

It is important to note that epoxy grout installation can be a bit more complex than traditional grout installation, it is best to hire a professional to complete the job.

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