Chemical Products Vs Glass Mosaic Tiles

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What Effects Do Chemical Products Have on Glass Mosaic Tiles?

Safety and durability are a considerable concern when homeowners look for what to use to renovate their pools. So, when looking for mosaic tiles to accent the beauty of your swimming pool, ensure that the tiles can withstand chemical products.

These chemicals will eat away at the grout or tile, breaking down the materials and softening them. The substances can discolor the mosaics and also release fumes that can be harmful to your humans if inhaled. That’s why you need a lasting solution to chemical attacks.

Installing proper pool tiles in your pool will benefit you in many ways. Glass pool tiles are safe and durable. They don´t wear out like other materials used for lining swimming pools.

Avoid using tiles that can cause skin damage when installing a swimming pool. Preferably use glass mosaic tiles because they are nonreactive when in contact with the chemical in the water. Reactive tiles can produce harmful chemicals or impurities when they come into contact with your pool water and potentially cause skin damage to swimmers.

The reliable glass mosaic pool tiles sold by are of the finest quality glass, resistant to frost and heat. Having met stringent European as well as Canadian and US government standards for safety and durability. They are chemical resistant and you can be sure your family will be safe and your pool tiles will last for years to come.

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When Chemicals Are Applied to Glass Mosaic Pool, They Have No Effect

Chemical products do not affect all tested glass mosaic tiles in the selection. Among the products used in the maintenance of swimming pools are chemicals used to maintain the water ph., clean and disinfect the pool.

Examples of the chemicals used are chlorine, anti-algae products, and PH regulators. When you use those chemicals appropriately, i.e., in the concentrations that manufacturers recommend, they will not affect your pool tiles.

Quality testing (UNE ISO 105445-13) on ceramic products measures how resistant the products are to chemicals. Five specimens in this test measure the effect of several chemical compounds, i.e., from the weakest to the strongest, on each mosaic tile sample. 

According to the UNE ISO 105445-13 test results, glass mosaic tiles are the perfect tile choice for pools. The test results show no visual evidence of our tiles getting affected by chemicals. 

That said, let’s look at more facts. 

When you apply chemicals to your pool, they do not affect the glass mosaics. This is not the case as they are resistant to chemicals, stains, mold, mildew, and abrasion. Glass mosaics are also non-porous, so they do not allow algae and bacteria to penetrate them.

Ezarri glass mosaic tiles have gained an “A” rating from the UNE ISO 105445-13 test, the highest result attainable in this kind of test. Again, another test took place at the University of Navarre in the architecture laboratory to determine the resistance tiles have against chemicals. 

Here are the results observed:

  1. No visible effects result from the tiles contacting household cleaning products applied as an ammonium chloride solution. (100 g/l).
  2. There is no visible change when sodium hypochlorite salts (20mg/l) are on the glass tiles. 
  3. There are no visible effects due to the low concentration of acids and bases. For this test, 3% hydrochloric acid citric acid and reading infuses of potassium hydroxide 30g/l were in contact with the glass mosaic tiles, and no changes were evident. 
  4. Again, the team carried out a high concentration acids and bases test. The chemicals used here were 18% hydrochloric acid, 5% lactic acid, and 100g/l of potassium hydroxide.


Scientifically, there is sufficient evidence that the chemicals used to maintain the pool water do not affect the pool glass tiles by Ezarri mosaics. It can apply to the use of cleaning products. The ratings and test results outlined above are why glass mosaic tiles are the ultimate solution for covering your swimming pools, wellness spaces, and spas.

If you are looking for a tile shop in Ontario, British Columbia, California, or Florida, look no further, has the most durable tiles that can withstand persistent wear and tear. Ours are safe tiles. They do not react with water to produce harmful chemicals that would otherwise come into contact with your skin.

Another benefit is their beauty. Who doesn’t want a swimming pool that steals the show with its beautiful design? Imagine being able to customize any design you please with these tiles, including printing your logo? 

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