Black Swimming Pools Are The New Trend

Black Swimming Pool with mosaic tile Lisa by Ezarri.

Black swimming pools are the new trend. Who would think? As new modern or more contemporary-looking pools are under construction, we see an increase in the search for black pool tiles. More than ever, homeowners and new buyers are adopting the unique look and elegance for their pools. 

The black pool tile is starting to become a trendy choice and, surprisingly, is leading a google search of modern pool tiles. 

Perhaps you also had the same idea? Here are a few things to consider before going ahead with the black and bold choice for your pool tiling material.

Black mosaic tile Black by Ezarri for hospitality.
Black mosaic tile Black by Ezarri for hospitality.

Heat Absorption

As a general rule, It’s good to consider the right color for each application. When picking the right shades of tiles for an outdoor space, be aware of anything exposed to the sunlight for a lengthy amount of time.

Black is the color that absorbs the most amount of light and, therefore, it gets warmer when exposed to sunlight compared to all the other colors. That said, it’s wise not to have your mosaic pool tiles exposed to direct sunlight if you are about to walk barefoot or sit on them for enjoyment. 

Finding The Right Solution for Your Black Swimming Pool

Supposedly the idea is to have the mosaic tilerunning around the edge of the pool coping or hot tub. However, if that’s where you want to install it be cautious; the material may be hot to the touch.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a proper way to use black mosaic tiles around your pool. First, you have to make sure your black mosaic tile is underwater, and you will have no issues with it. Another scenario is if you intend to use it around a hot tub, choose to have water spilling over the edges. Problem solved! 


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The Mirror Effect

One of the best characteristics of having a black or very dark mosaic tile for a swimming pool is that the water looks so dark it becomes reflective, almost like a mirror. That’s a very modern and desirable look which, in combination with infinity edges, you’ve got to end up with luxury. Not to mention, it’s the opposite of traditional-looking pools. So if your idea is to add luxury and uniqueness to your project, look no further than our suggested glass mosaic tiles.

Black pool tile Lisa by Ezarri for a residential project.
Black pool tile Phyllite by Ezarri for a residential project.

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2 thoughts on “Black Swimming Pools Are The New Trend

  1. DebbsSeattle says:

    I have had a love affair with black my entire life. It is not a color for the faint of heart and can go horribly wrong if improperly used. Black pools make sense with rising energy costs and green thinking about our impact on the environment. It would seem that the black pool would achieve a higher temperature naturally and therefore require less paid for energy to warm. I, however would not recommend black for every install as sometimes just the deep intense luminosity of azure or turquoise water makes me feel cooler and refreshed without even getting in.

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