Having a hard time to decide whether to tile your swimming pool?

Hotel pool with pool tiles

For all pool owners and managers out there: Having a hard time deciding whether to tile your swimming pool?

If you have a swimming pool in your home or are thinking about building one, you want it ready to use 24/7. Or if you manage the pool in your hotel,  you want your guests to be able to enjoy a splash whenever they want.

In both cases, you don’t want any “down-time” to hamper your enjoyment of your pool. Right?

Glass tiles are non-porous and exceptionally durable. It’s also fire, heat, and UV-resistant as well as frost-proof.

We Can’t Deny the Beauty of Glass Mosaic Tiles

In ancient Mesopotamia, mosaic artists used precious stones and 100% recycled glass to create their immortal masterpieces. The process was long, hard, and painful. Fortunately, it’s the 21st century, and things are more technologically advanced.

Aside from giving an air of luxury to your pool, glass mosaic tiles don’t discharge harmful impurities like other types of floorings, and it’s highly reflective and beautiful.

The Core Benefits of Pool Glass Tiles are:

  • Durability: Hands down, glass mosaic tiles are the most durable material on the market. They’re not subject to wear and tear like other swimming pool flooring materials.
  • Safety: Glass mosaic tiles don’t react with water. They don’t produce damaging chemicals to the swimmer’s skin.
  • Beauty: Your swimming pool will steal the show with its beautiful design. Glass mosaic tiles allow ample opportunity for design customization; you can even print your logo.

Who Would You Rather Choose: An International Supplier or a Local One?

We recommend glass mosaic tiles for your swimming pool for the reasons above. However, beauty comes at a high price point in this case. If the cost doesn’t scare you, the result will definitely create an important visual impact on the overall look and feel of your outdoor space.

You can obtain the highest quality glass mosaics tiles straight from Spain and installed them on your pool by professional builders locally.

What’s more, we only work with the best suppliers such as Ezarri, a world leader who took the art of mosaics to a whole new level.

Ezarri patented an award-winning design and installation method called JoinPoint. Using this method, we guarantee your swimming pool will:

  • Last longer, and remain coherent without additional maintenance or installations.
  • Be installed in a shorter time compared to any other material on the market.
  • Keep its beauty indefinitely; you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.
  • Take the water pressure no matter the size or volume without cracking or splitting.
  • Don’t break apart thanks to the sturdy JoinPoint adhesive structure.
  • Maintain its homogeneous look with evenly cut tiles.

Would You Like to Have Glass Mosaic Tiles for Your Pool?

By far mosaics, glass tiles are the best-looking finish, and most durable for your swimming pool.

And to make incredible results available to you POOLTILE.CA works together with one of the best suppliers in the world, we can help you build an incredibly beautiful pool for you.

Browse our mosaic tiles by color or collection and check out the best look for your swimming pool.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space!

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