Are Glass Mosaic Tiles Safe To Install In Cold Climates?

If you’re considering installing tiles it’s important to consider the varieties of tiles available and how you will use them in your home or commercial establishment. This is because harsh weather conditions can affect some tiles differently than others.
During cold seasons, especially in winter, the ground expands because of frost. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all materials stationed on the ground are frost-resistant. This will ensure they can withstand any weather conditions.
Changing weather causes the ground to thaw, after which it contracts. These changes affect tiles and other outdoor installations. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that your tiles can handle these changes without chipping and or cracking.

Mosaic Tiles That Will Survive the Hot and Cold Temperatures

Thermometer is used in cold climate.
When installing tiles in cold climates, you must make sure that they have less than 0.5 percent porosity. These kinds of tiles are also known as impervious tiles. If the tiles easily absorb water, the chances of cracking and getting damaged in cold climates are very high.
In cold climates around Canada and the United States, experts use the standard test method for measuring the resistance of ceramic and glass tiles to freeze-thaw cycling.
This is according to

The Checklist That Will Save You Money and Headache

During construction, make sure that:
– The substrate you use is stable and solid
– All tiles you use are usable for exterior surfaces
– The mortar has to be compatible with the tiles. In fact, it should also combine flexibility and bond strength to allow changes in the substrate due to difference in moisture and temperatures
– The grout you use has to be polymer-modified to reduce the chances of water absorption
All these materials have to be meticulously installed to work as one system. This allows them to withstand extreme conditions.

Glass Mosaic Tiles at

Glass mosaic tiles sold by are frost-proof. They are also freeze-thaw stable. Since they are non-porous, they do not absorb water. If pool tiles absorb water, the water can freeze inside them causing the tiles to crack.
Our glass mosaic tiles have the ISO 10545-12:1995 certification. The certification determines the frost resistance of ceramic tiles used in cold climates and on wet surfaces.

The Best Practice

During tile installation, you should use high-quality products suited and rated for exterior use. We recommend Starlike epoxy grout.
Since conditions are different, make sure you understand the various situations by doing your research. This will increase your success rate during installation.

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    Do you have any warranty on your tiles (will they survive the cold climate in quebec), do you by any chance have installers that you trust and work with in Montreal area?
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