Infuse Caribbean Beauty Into Your Pool Design

Caribbean beach and its inspiring blue ocean.

It is pure magic to combine the white of the mosaic tile with the sun’s rays refracted by the water. This effect creates a stunning, clear blue color in the water as if you brought the Caribbean to your home in Canada or the USA.White mosaic tiles carry exceptional beauty and, by no accident, it is one of the most popular glass mosaic tile choices we offer. Yet, mosaic tiles are perfect for finishing all pools because of their functionality, which we’ll discuss later. This popular swimming pool material is a fashionable statement in the world of outdoor design. Imagine getting inspired by the reflection of the Caribbean ocean color in your own backyard.

How to choose the right mosaic tile for your pool

The swimming pool is the centerpiece of the backyard, therefore a significant feature of the home, and it captures beautiful memories of the property residents and guests. What about enchanting them even more by adding glass mosaic tiles and perhaps add accents of custom mosaics to create your signature pool? We need to consider your pool design, placement, and the surrounding area to ensure a gorgeous effect. The depth of your pool affects the refraction of the light. So, expect the color to get darker as it deepens. For this reason, we must also account for the available light in the place where the pool is located. Will there be enough light for that livid bright blue to appear?When observing the surroundings, we must note any trees or structures that block the light. Is there anything casting a shadow?Also, is the pool indoors or outdoors? Once we know these things, we can start figuring out the perfect mosaic tiles for your pool. 

Infuse Caribbean Beauty Into Your Property With White Pool Tiles

Achieving the beautiful Caribbean water effect for your swimming pool is possible with white-ish pool tiles. You will find a few options in our collection, such as Diamond, Perla, and Carrara, and Teide.

Glass mosaic tile Quartz by Ezarri.
Glass mosaic tile Quartz by Ezarri for a Caribbean blue swimming pool.

If you feel you need suggestions, please get in touch with us. We’re here to help.But first, if you need to know how big your pool is, we wrote a tutorial on measuring and calculating your swimming pool’s size.Your pool might have round corners and steps. So this calculation will be approximate. Still, it is a good guideline for figuring out the number of tiles you need for your swimming pool. It’s a good practice to round up your measurements, and we always recommend adding 10% extra for waste. You want to risk having more than enough tiles so that you can safely complete your swimming pool tile installation.

Mosaic tiles are durable

Besides checking the box for wow effect, mosaic tiles are beneficial to your swimming pool. Unlike plaster finishes, glass tiles don’t hold stains and grow bacteria. As a result, after a few years, they don’t get that tired look of plaster pools and are easier to clean and maintain.

Glass mosaic tile Diamond. Photo by Dan Kalma.
Glass mosaic tile Diamond. Photo by Dan Kalma.

At, the glass mosaic tiles are fade-resistant and stand up to the chemicals in your swimming pool. In addition, the tiles have ISO certification, so you can rest assured your swimming pool will shimmer and shine for a lifetime. 

You can browse through a spectacular selection of glass mosaic tiles in all colors for swimming pools, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, and interior applications. You can choose from glow-in-the-dark, marble effect, iridescent, metals, a variety of patterns, and more beautiful options in many colors for your project.

That means you can live in Ontario, California, Manitoba, British Columbia, or Washington and have a piece of Caribbean beauty in your backyard!

Glass mosaic tile Perla.
Glass mosaic tile Perla.

Glass Mosaic Tiles For A Caribbean Pool Style:

glass mosaic tile Diamond by Ezarri
Glass mosaic tile carrara
Glass mosaic tile Teide by Ezarri.
The glass mosaic tile Quartz is part of our Gemma collection which shines naturally, just like a gemstone.

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