Different Types of Swimming Pool Tile

Glass mosaic tile Capricorn by Ezarri.

Different Types of Swimming Pool Tile

The swimming pool tile is an essential part of any swimming pool design. But with all the different types of swimming pool tile options on the market it’s difficult to decide on the best option for your pool. A beautiful addition to the décor that makes the water look cleaner and clearer is a must as well as maximum durability for the swimming pool tiles.

As a result, it’s critical to choose the right size and shape of pool tile to achieve a stunning aesthetic combined with the right material that is suitable for your weather.

These tiles have different pros and cons, so it’s essential to understand which one is best for your needs.  

Ceramic tile

Ideal for pools with a natural look and feel. Ceramic tile is made from clay, powder, and water. They’re usually hard and have a shiny surface. Ceramic, along with Porcelain, is the most popular choice for pool tile. The natural colors and textures make them a favorite among pool owners.  

Ceramic tiles are an easy option because they’re simple to clean and maintain. Ceramic tiles are also heat resistant. As a result, they’re an excellent choice for use along the waterline and on the pool deck.  

Many homeowners choose low-cost ceramic tiles for their pools, but this can be a risk. For example, ceramic tiles are more likely to crack in cold weather, which means owners need to replace tiles frequently.

 Ceramic tile in gray color.

Porcelain tile

Is long-lasting. It’s also frost-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. In addition, because it’s denser than ceramic, Porcelain is resistant to wear and tear from continuous use.   

Swimming pools require a lot of maintenance. Porcelain tiles have a smoother surface, making them easier to clean.  

Porcelain tiles are perfect for creating affordable waterline accents that can complement any swimming pool.  

Porcelain tile in blue color.

Stone tile

Is ideal for lining swimming pools and gardens in coastal areas frequently soaked by saltwater. If properly cared for, Stone tiles will last for decades. They come in both practical and decorative designs.

Stone is generally lower in cost and easier to install.

Stone tile for pool areas.

Glass tile

Is considered a luxury item. However, despite costing a little more, many pool builders and owners consider glass tile the best option.

The elegant surfaces illuminate the pool with sunlight during the day and create a romantic aura at night. There are many different glass pool tile patterns and colors owners can use to make the perfect design. 

Glass tiles for pools are becoming increasingly popular as they’re not only beautiful but again require little maintenance. 

Glass mosaic tile Knox from Ezarri.Glass mosaic tile Eclipse from Ezarri.

With all the Different Types of Swimming Pool Tile to pick from witch one is your favorite?

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