Swimming Pool Water Colour x Tile Colour

This is a common question for anyone who is in the process of selecting a glass mosaic tile for their swimming pool. What colour mosaic will give me the desired colour of water?

The first thing to understand is that the water´s colour is not going to be determined solely by the colour of the glass mosaic chosen; there are other factors that have an influence. The water’s depth, the amount of light whether indoors or outside, and the surroundings. Lighting also plays a crucial role for your eyes to perceive different colours in the water. Furthermore, the size of your pool and its volume has a dramatic effect in how you see the colour of the water.

The more volume of water there is and the deeper it is, the bluer the swimming pool will tend to look. The more light there is, the clearer the water will look. Less light will darken the water.

If the pool is surrounded by plants, it will look greener and darker, but if the surrounding landscape is desert-like, the water will look clearer.

Taking into account the factors mentioned above, we are going to provide you with a series of guidelines so that you are successful in your choice of mosaic.


White Swimming Pool Mosaics:

If you’re going for the luxurious feel, white marbled mosaics won’t disappoint. What’s not to like about the stylish Carrara mosaic from the Zen collection. It gives your pool a very rich and vibrant look. Or the Perla from the Iris collection with its ability to reflect rainbow-like colours. Diamond is one of our personal favorites and will yield a light sky-blue water tone. You can’t go wrong with a white mosaic.



Yellow and Gold Swimming Pool Mosaics:

Yellow and gold glass mosaic tiles give your pool a beachy or sand feeling. They are not over the top and blend well with the environment of a dry climate. Aurum, with its metallic texture, makes the water like gold. Night or day, your swimming pool will become immediately recognizable. All that glitters is not gold. It could just be your swimming pool water.


Brown, Pink and Red:

These colour combinations are bold. They darken the water and can give the illusion of a deeper pool.

  • Brown: It blends well with a BBQ theme party by the pool. It also fits with most outdoor furniture colours.
  • Pink: Combined with lighting, pinkish water could be the best party swimming pool. It also enhances the swimming experience.
  • Red: Gives a bizarre and shocking feeling to your swimming pool.


Grey Glass Mosaics For Swimming Pools:

Grey can tone down the luxurious tone and inspire an air of mystery. It will not draw as much attention but feels very inviting to the user. Consider the Tigrato with its matted marbled finish. The Margarita is also suitable for grey colour lovers but with a shiny twist mixed with gold.



Green Mosaics for an Oceanic Feel:

Our blue-green colours with styles such as Azur and Sky, tend to yield a light, turquoise blue colour pool.

The Taurus in the Space collection with its slight sheen makes the water look green. If you ever fly over the ocean, you may have noticed the greenish overtones giving a feeling of the watery abyss below. You can replicate that effect in your swimming pool. It can be very absorbing.



Use Blue For A Traditional Swimming Pool Look:

The water is clear. It has no colour on its own. When the sky reflects on its surface, it looks blue. Imagine adding blue tiles, it will make the colour even more blue. If you like purely blue water, you will love Ocean, Zafiro and Blue Lagoon. These colours yield a water colour that ranges from light blue to intense blue.



Black Glass Mosaics for Your Pool:

Black is the colour of boldness, authority, and strength. Imagine the Vesubio from the Vulcano collection. It makes the water feel dense, voluminous, and thick. The Lava from the Metal collection gives the water a seductive shining blackness.

Tiles like Ebano, Capricorn and Lava yield a natural water feeling that is similar to that of a high-mountain lake.


Every colour and its shade is available at POOLTILE.CA. Each gives your swimming pool a different personality, feel, and experience.

We hope we inspired you to choose the best tile colour for your swimming pool.

Let us help you further, send us a message if you still have questions on which tile to choose or order some samples and see for yourself!

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